Focus on creating content, not finding advertisers.

So here you are. You create content you love, worked hard to gather a community
and now you want to monetize it.
But now, you have to waste time to look for advertisers 😩

It takes your focus away from creating content...
Most of your cold emails are ignored...
And you don't know how to find the right advertisers...

What if you could focus on creating content and let advertisers come to you? 🤔

That's why I created Open For Ads 🤩

It's a platform where advertisers and media can connect directly 🤝

Media owners can get income by promoting other businesses.
Advertisers can find high-quality & targeted audiences to promote their business.

It's a win/win situation for everyone.

Media page preview

Example of a media page

The vision

The plan is to have a fair and open marketplace for advertisers and media.

📰 For media:

  • Earn revenues from your content easily. Spend time creating, not looking for sponsors.
  • Get a fair reward for your work, instead of the peanuts ad networks give you
  • Have full control of the ads you display (say bye to those spammy banners)
  • Increase your user's experience by offering relevant content

🎯 For advertisers:

  • Find the right audience to promote your business.
  • See exactly where you advertise and to which audience.
  • Break free from weird algorithms that dictates if your ad will work
  • Avoid getting ripped off by big ad network

How does Open For Ads make money?

Great question!
Not gonna lie, I don't know for sure yet 🧐

The plan is to have a subscription for advertisers and keep it free for media, (and avoid taking a %)
Advertisers will have unlimited access to the database of medias with a monthly/yearly subscription.

But I'm open to trying other models, I'll test stuff and see what works!

How to support?

That's very nice of you to ask! 🤓

For now, we're in the very early stages, so if you want to support the project, the best way is to share it.

👉 You can post a pre-made tweet by clicking here

You can also:
  • Add your media if you have one
  • Tell media you know they can join for free
  • Give feedback and ideas in the box